In the scope of the repair offer, depending on the client’s decision, PURU Sp z o.o. can perform the following works, among others:


organization of transport from and to the customer in order to carry out major repairs of machines or devices


organization of loading and unloading work at the client’s


cleaning and repainting of equipment subjected to renovation works

On the example of telescopic conveyors – we do

grinding and cleaning the telescope structure, then painting with a primer in places where the original paint is completely wiped off, and then complete painting with PUR type paints (resistant to external factors such as UV rays, mechanical wiping and reactions to other substances). Internal elements are replaced or regenerated (if spare parts are not available). Rollers or transport belts are replaced – depending on the type of telescope. As part of the electrical work, the boxes – contactors, switches and buttons are replaced, lighting is replaced with new LED ones, drives and wiring are checked – if necessary, replaced with new ones.

The most common damages – the condition of the telescopes before renovation

After renovation

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