Mushiny robots

A series of stable and reliable logistics robots

Founded in 2016, Mushiny is a world-leading technology company specializing in intelligent logistics robot systems. Currently, Mushiny employs about 200 employees and its operations cover more than 20 developed countries and regions with a foreign market share of 50%.
Since 2022, PURU has been a representative of Mushiny in Poland.

Mushiny provides optimal solutions for warehouse management and operations for factories and warehouses in various industries. Based on a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm supported by solid know-how in the field of warehouse management, users can choose their own modular R-WMS robot warehouse management system.

The Xihe RMS robot management system has great functionality; fully open logistics robots can be used in: e-commerce, postal and courier services, as well as footwear, clothing, automotive, household appliances, food, books, medicine and 3C electronics, and many other industries.

Mushiny provides customers with proven solutions for intelligent warehousing using robots, regardless of the industry they come from.

The platform-based Mushiny robot series and the RMS scheduling system meet various application requirements in the field of logistics.

  • Professional Mushiny team provides initial design for clients with programming capabilities and provides professional advice on the process and warehouse management
  • Mushiny provides a full range of AGV products and implementation guidance, as well as professional on-site operational training. Simplifies the storage deployment steps and installation process


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