Reliable integrator of warehouse systems


Automatic sorting systems

Conveyors and belt conveyors

Transport within the warehouse

Packaging lines

Automatic packing lines
for paper or foil

AMR robots

Intelligent logistics robots
goods to person, follow me

AGV vehicles

Intelligent logistics robots
goods to person, follow me

Customized solutions

Automation of warehouse processes

Storage racks

Warehouse racks, mezzanines,
platforms, pick tower


Process analysis, selection of solutions,
IT applications, interfaces


Service and repair
of lines in warehouses

PURU Sorting and Conveying Solution

We are an Integration company whose main area of activity is the broadly understood integration of sorting and internal transport systems in distribution warehouses, e-commerce companies, especially in courier and postal companies, and the organization of external transport on maneuvering yards. Our activity is the result of close partnership with the largest companies supplying components for sorting systems and systems for roller and belt conveyors.

Our mission

The mission of PURU Sorting and Conveying Solutions is to provide modern solutions that will allow entrepreneurs and ordinary people to use their full potential.

The company’s philosophy when designing and delivering solutions is to focus on the basics and take further steps only when these basics are achieved.

Our dynamic development has been appreciated and awarded the Business Cheetah for 2020.

Machine service

We have developed and continue to develop a service network throughout the country. We provide our customers with both regular maintenance services – inspections, but also responding to their needs, we provide service in emergency situations – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We service systems of our production and systems of other manufacturers and integrators.

Machine repairs

PURU Sp. zoo. has qualified service staff, thanks to which we are able to carry out repairs of roller and belt conveyors, and repairs of telescopic belt conveyors are our specialty. Repairs are carried out in a specially prepared surface with a paint shop. Depending on the arrangements with the client, we review all moving and structural parts. We replace and lubricate moving parts. If the structure requires replacement or reinforcement, qualified welders replace the necessary elements. We provide a guarantee for renovation works.

Our Clients

Our Partners